Lisa McCormick

Times are harder than ever for working families. The cost of living is going up, tuition is more expensive than ever, taxes, fines and fees are on the rise although wages have stagnated, hours are down, and our neighborhoods don’t feel safe.

Families are struggling to put bread on the table and take care of their basic needs. America needs a political revolution. Our disastrous trade policies for the past 30 or 40 years have had a horrendous impact on the lives of millions of working Americans.
The greed of the billionaire class is destroying this country and we must stop that greed from continuing to dictate public policy.
Help me fight it.
During the 1980s, not only were Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush the most conservative presidents since the 1920s, but many Democrats moved to the right, abandoning the New Deal and civil rights and embracing big money.
With unemployment recently at 10 percent, corporate profits at record levels, the trade deficit at $48.2 billion and racial strife as high as ever, what is obvious is that strategy failed.
Reaganomics has produced several banking crises. The global financial meltdown under the Bush Republicans demonstrated the hazards of ‘too big to fail’ banks and other financial institutions, which required taxpayer-funded bailouts. America needs a political revolution that invests trust in Democrats who return to the values championed by Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

Democrats need to return to the values championed by Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. 

Help me lead the fight to restore Democratic ideals by making a pledge to contribute at least three dollars to my campaign fund. Consider joining me as a candidate for public office.  Pledge your time, energy & effort to support progressive candidates who are dedicated to restoring the American Dream.

Too many politicians are obligated to the billionaire class or engaged in ‘pay to play’ corruption, so we need to develop an alternative model that works for people who work.  That is why I am building a base of volunteers and small donors, like you. Together, we can change the political system in New Jersey and help make the United States the Great Society it is destined to be.

 Lisa McCormick


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