Abortion is good

Lisa McCormick
Lisa McCormick

Abortion may one of the most divisive political issues in America, so I want every voter and politician have a clear understanding of my well-defined position: I support abortion.

Abortion is good because there is a tremendous population problem living on a planet that has 7 billion people, a number growing at an alarming rate, but where only 9 billion can survive.

I have said before that abortion is good because it allows women to control their lives, ending unwanted pregnancies and preventing the birth of unwanted children.

Abortion is good because many women are not prepared to care for another human being and every child deserves excellent care and attention from loving, mature and prosperous parents. In about the time after abortion was made legal that it would take for an unwanted child to grow to maturity, crime rates began to fall throughout the United States. Sanity is an act that can have unintended consequences that turn out to be beneficial.

Abortion is good because there are times when contraceptives fail to prevent unwanted pregnancies and human beings should not fear having sex because of such consequences. Sex and sexuality are among our most primal instincts, they define who and what we are so it is crucial that they be protected, private and personal choices unobstructed by others.

cute-little-girlAbortion is good because it allows women to be free and independent. This is a matter of concern for women of every age all over the planet, and it should be recognized as a fundamental human right.

For that reason, abortion should be guaranteed by international law, covered by insurance and paid for with tax dollars as a last resort for women without other means for implementing their choice to abort.

Abortion is good but there are alternatives that can reduce its necessity, such as sex education, birth control, and access to women’s health care. These alternatives — sex education, birth control, and women’s access to health care — should be equally protected and advanced as a matter of public policy.

After the United States Supreme Court’s landmark case on the issue of abortion, Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973), was argued on December 13, 1971 and again on October 11, 1972, it ruled that a right to privacy under the 14th Amendment extended to a woman’s decision to terminate her pregnancy, while legitimate state interests in protecting women’s health balanced against the potential of human life.  Women celebrate the anniversary of January 22, 1973, when this important case was decided prohibiting most restrictions on abortion in the United States.

Some Republicans say that women having abortions should be “punished” and they persist in trying to make procedures illegal or difficult to get. They are dead wrong and those opportunists should be removed from public office.

elderly_womanLaws making abortion illegal are death sentences for innocent women who would be forced into unsafe methods of ending their unwanted pregnancies.

Making abortion the subject of irrational laws and unnecessary regulations would intrude on the privacy of women, whose bodies are not anybody else’s rightful business.

Justice Harry Blackmun noted that abortion was “resorted to without scruple” throughout history, even in Greek and Roman times.

6529858-modelI support abortion, and I will fight to protect every woman’s liberty to choose a safe and legal way to prevent or terminate unwanted pregnancies without sacrificing any adult’s freedom to engage in whatever sexual practice feels right. Sexual and reproductive freedom are among the most personal decisions people make and they should be allowed with the utmost protection of personal privacy, as must the confidentiality between a doctor and patient.

Superstition and magic does not enter into this discussion because the appropriateness and legitimacy of these positions is strongly confirmed by science. Life does not begin at conception, an partially formed fetus does not endure pain during abortion and at no stage does an embryo have a ‘right to life’ that surpasses a woman’s right to make her own choices about her own body and future.

Abortion is good. Women are capable of making their own choices. Welcome to the 21st century. Here are some stories from women whose experience may help improve understanding about the controversy and a scientific explanation that may help promote more intelligent discussion on the issue.



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2 comments on “Abortion is good

  1. January 19, 2017 Sheila Rosen

    Thank you for stating the truth. Keep abortion legal.

  2. November 13, 2017 Sue Saltmarsh

    If I lived in NJ, you’d have my vote! You are SO right on every point you made. As an activist for national Medicare for All, I can assure you that it will include NO restriction, obstacle, or theological dictate that would stop a woman from making the right choice for her. Not only do we need to get the money out of politics, we need to get religion out too! The manipulation used by so-called “devout” employers claiming their religious freedom is violated by a employee who doesn’t even follow their hateful deity using contraception or having an abortion is a violation of everyone else’s religious freedom! I always wish a legislator would introduce a MANDATORY abortion bill just so they know how it feels to have a stranger tell them what they have to do with their bodies.

    In any case, GOOD FOR YOU! It takes great courage to speak the truth in the face of hypocrisy and ignorance!


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