Americans agree with Lisa McCormick on the issues.

1. Americans want big money out of politics.

While candidates benefit from a corrupt campaign contribution system and greedy donors gain from this legal form of bribery, Americans want to see campaign finance reform become a reality. People should matter in politics more than the money a few rich people and corporations spend to buy influence. If we want to stop corruption and make government more productive, Americans must eliminate legal bribery, get better candidate choices and stay more involved.

2. Americans want to raise wages.

The United States is the wealthiest country in the history of mankind, but people working in low wage jobs are living paycheck to paycheck. If the minimum wage had kept up with productivity and inflation since 1968, it would be than $26 an hour today.

3. Americans want clean, alternative energy.

Transforming America’s energy system will protect the environment and create good jobs, in a combination of good morals and smart economics. Adapting to alternative energy will create millions of jobs, put America in a position to export valuable technology to the rest of the world, and stop the dangerous impact of climate change.

4. Americans want meaningful tax and Wall Street reform.

Americans want to make rich people and corporations contribute their fair share of taxes because their greed makes the rest of us pay more than we can afford. A fair tax structure would lower taxes on honest working Americans and small businesses. Everyone else would pay less if greedy corporate tax dodgers were stopped from evading their fair share. Common sense regulation that stops Wall Street from making extreme bets will protect taxpayers from another economic crash. Society should not be at risk when excluded from any reward.

5. Americans want affordable colleges & universities.

As the global economy becomes increasingly competitive, advanced education is indispensable to individuals and the nation. The cost of higher education in America is out of control but we can change this by helping subsidize public college and universities with a small tax on stock transactions. A Wall Street tax is a safe bet to fund this smart investment in our future.


4 comments on “Americans agree with Lisa McCormick on the issues.

  1. November 21, 2016 Kevin A Cadavillo

    Hi, I’m a new voter from Edison trying to become more informed in anticipation of the 2017 election. That someone as outwardly hostile to LGBT+ rights as Mike Pence won 41.8% of the vote in New Jersey this year signals to me that homophobia and transphobia is still very much present in New Jersey. As a young gay man from a very homophobic family, I’ve experienced the anguish effected by this hatred.

    I want to know: can we count on you to be an ally to the LGBT+ community? What would you do for LGBT+ individuals like me to protect against discriminatory laws, practices, and attitudes?

    • December 9, 2016 Lisa McCormick

      The recognition that LGBT+ rights are under attack is one important step, since we cannot solve a problem unless we acknowledge it exists. Harvey Milk pioneered the strategy of making people aware that discrimination hurts people they know as a critical step toward ending this problem, because discrimination is almost always a matter of ignorance. My dedication to this cause was radically heightened after meeting the father of a close friend from my childhood who is now a transgendered woman.

      I have a number of gay friends and loved ones, but culture shock can be a welcome wake up call. We need to keep challenging ourselves to aspire to better people and treat all human beings as brothers and sisters. I am sorry to hear you are a ‘gay man from a very homophobic family’ because nobody deserves to be loved less for their identity. Hopefully, a more honest and open society will result in greater sensitivity on a personal level.

      I hope to set an example for leadership by being the kind of person who will not stand idly by as anyone is subjected to violence or ridicule. I am not an expert on this kind of policy, but I am a person who will defend civil rights and advocate appropriate behavior among all citizens by appealing to everyone to do the right thing. We are not entitled to judge others, but we are empowered to improve ourselves.

      If you ever have a hard time, feel free to reach out to me at 732-340-1980.

  2. February 20, 2017 Rich Schultz

    54% of Americans want legalized recreational cannabis (

    Will you sign legislation that is on par with what Colorado and California have done in regards to taxing and regulating the cannabis industry? As I’m sure you know, legislation is being worked on by Nicholas Scutari once Chris Christie’s term is over.

    I want New Jersey’s next governor to stand up for individuals’ rights in this regard, while simultaneously benefiting the state’s budget, school systems, property taxes, etc.


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