And then there was one…

Lisa McCormick expects to become the sole challenger to millionaire Governor Phil Murphy in the Democratic primary election, since officials are expected to determine that Roger Bacon is not qualified to seek the nomination for governor.

Governor Phil Murphy, a Wall Street millionaire and former Goldman Sachs executive, will face progressive champion Lisa McCormick head to head in the Democratic primary election

McCormick’s campaign manager, James Devine, has challenged Bacon’s qualifications because he is a registered Republican.

Devine also found that many of the 1,271 people who signed his petitions are non-voters, Republicans, Libertarians or even members of a far-right-wing fringe group called the U.S. Constitution Party.

“There is going to be a two-way contest in the Democratic primary, where voters have a choice between someone who is very much like you or the rich, powerful incumbent, who is unanimously backed by the political establishment and represents everything that is wrong with American democracy, in terms of arrogance, incompetence, misogyny, and being out of touch,” said Devine. “

Being the sole challenger means people who are dissatisfied with the Wall Street millionaire’s leadership have a focal point where they can

If McCormick seems mismatched against Murphy in the fight over the Democratic nomination, which will be decided in the June 8 primary election, it is worth noting that the progressive woman earned a greater percentage of the 2018 primary vote than Bernie Sanders got in New Jersey in 2016.

In her 2018 statewide challenge to Senator Bob Menendez, McCormick also outpolled by about 50,000 votes each of Sanders’ New Jersey campaign chairmen, former Assemblyman John Wisniewski, the 2016 campaign chair and a 2017 contender for governor, and 2020 campaign chair Larry Hamm, who was a 2020 Senate challenger.

McCormick says Murphy does not deserve the Democratic nomination before he hired a former councilman who was convicted of bribery, he wasted $18 billion on corporate welfare, and he stuck taxpayers with the $830,000 bill to settle a lawsuit that resulted after he hired a rapist.

“Voters must hold him accountable by firing the misogynistic millionaire Phil Murphy, because it is necessary for people to rise up to the responsibility of citizenship,” said McCormick.

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