Candidate demands answers on voter fraud in foe’s office

A Democratic candidate is demanding answers from her opponent about a high ranking public employee who appears to be engaging in ballot fraud, a third degree crime punishable by up to five years in prison.

Progressive Lisa McCormick sent a letter to County Surrogate James LaCorte saying that his appointed Deputy Surrogate is fraudulently registered to vote in Elizabeth while actually residing in Bloomfield.

Democratic voters will cast primary election ballos on June 4 to choose between McCormick and LaCorte, a 20-year incumbent whose father was the last Republican Mayor of Elizabeth.

The letter is available at:

The text of the letter follows.

County Surrogate James LaCorte
Union County Court House
Two Broad Street
Elizabeth NJ 07201

Dear Mr.  LaCorte:

I am writing to ask that you explain what appears to be a criminal act in which the Deputy Surrogate is fraudulently registered to vote in Elizabeth while actually residing in Bloomfield. I am particularly eager to learn if you have been aware of any act of voter fraud prior to the receipt of this letter.

I understand that Deputy Union County Surrogate Sharda Badri is a long time resident of Bloomfield, but she appears to be registered to vote at an address at 338 Chilton Street, in Elizabeth. Under voter registration number 106014029, records at the Union County Board of Elections show that the Deputy Union County Surrogate voted by mail in the 2018 general election, and she voted in person on 11/07/2017, 6/06/2017 & 11/08/2016.

I remind you that NJSA 19:34-1 False registration or transfer; states: “Any person who shall cause or procure his name to be registered in more than one election district, or shall cause or procure his name or that of any other person to be registered, knowing that he or such other person is not entitled to vote in the election district wherein such registry is made at the next election to be held therein, shall be punished for each such offense and shall be guilty of a crime of the third degree.”

While 338 Chilton Street, Elizabeth NJ, is owned by a relative of Ms. Badri, she and her children are in fact residents of Essex County and the Union County location is not her actual domicile.

Reliable records show that she owns and lives at a property in Essex County. Public records show that Deputy Surrogate Sharda Badri is the owner of a home at 215 Baldwin St, Bloomfield, NJ, 07003-3819. Her neighbors know her and there is ample evidence that she was and is currently residing in the home, which she purchased in July 2001.

It also appears that the Deputy Surrogate and her children have cast ballots from this bogus address in Union County, even though they are really Essex County residents.

Her son, whose voter registration number is 151264526 and was born on 11/13/1991, and daughter, whose voter registration number is 152230967 and was born on 03/06/1994, are registered voters in Elizabeth despite living in Bloomfield. When her son was arrested in Roselle Park on charges of drug possession, he told police his residence was in Bloomfield.  Her daughter’s Facebook page states that she lives in Bloomfield

Other proofs, such as addresses listed on drivers’ licenses and other documentation would be readily available to prosecutors if they choose to level criminal charges related to these acts but as the elected official who appointed this person to a position of public trust, you certainly owe the voters an explanation about this situation. A defendant convicted of a third degree crime faces a prison sentence of 3 to 5 years and a fine up to $15,000. Recent cases illustrate the seriousness of these crimes.

Andrea Palmucci-McGillicuddy, a former chief investigator of Mercer County elections, was charged with fraudulent voting, interference with elections and other related offenses, after officials learned she resides in Pennsylvania but had voted in New Jersey.

The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office charged a former municipal court judge with two counts of third-degree voter fraud. Spencer Robbins had improperly used his Amboy Avenue legal office as his address and voted in 22 elections and Democratic primaries in Woodbridge since 1998, even though he maintained a home with his wife in Chatham Township since 1995.

Richard Molina, the mayor of Edinburg, in Hidalgo County, Texas, was arrested on charges that he orchestrated an illegal voting scheme in which he asked residents of nearby towns to change their addresses so that they could cast votes for him.

The federal Department of Justice Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section and the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices are responsible for enforcing the federal criminal laws that prohibit various forms of election fraud, such as submission of fraudulent ballots or registrations. The state Attorney General’s Corruption and Government Fraud Bureau is actively prosecuting cases involving official misconduct, election fraud and other offenses involving public officials and employees.

I leave it to you to account yourself to the voters, but by releasing this letter the appropriate law enforcement authorities shall be informed on the potential crimes manifested in these allegations.

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