Candidate quells division among Our Revolution chapters

A number of Our Revolution chapters in New Jersey have recommended endorsements for progressive US Senate candidate Lisa McCormick but some voters are questioning whether the organization founded after Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential effort is worth the time of courting.

A number of Our Revolution chapters in New Jersey have endorsed Lisa McCormick for US Senate.

McCormick said disparate elements in the progressive wing of the party “need time” to get organized and she counseled patience among volunteers and donors “because we never intended to do this all at once.”

She said progressives should take a long view and seek to score victories over several elections and a period of years. Noting that ‘infighting’ is common it can preclude groups from doing what they want to do.

Still, the candidate urged voters who want to get involved to reach out to chapter leaders, who are listed below based on data obtained from the national Our Revolution website.

McCormick said while it makes sense to organize around candidates while voters are attracted to them, personalities should not keep the organization from flourishing because the issues it represents are what really make a difference in peoples’ lives.

“I encourage any voter who wants to volunteer with us to advance the kind of agenda Bernie spoke about during the campaign or in any of his books, please reach out the organizers listed below,” She said.  “Not everybody is on the same page but they all share Bernie’s ambitions for a better world. .”

Firstname Lastname Phone number Email
Nick Sodano (609) 351-5259
Rachel Delgado-Simmons (571) 224-3847
Richard Askins
Barry Brendel (609) 474-0007 BBRENDEL@GMAIL.COM
Geo Chalker (646) 833-5566
Tamar Wilson (856) 345-4084
Pat MULLIGAN (757) 262-7922
Joni Brennan (609) 972-7663
Elly Faden (415) 342-1552
Steven Weinberg (732) 485-0756
Thomas Auzinger (908) 872-2238
Joey Novick (908) 892-6859
Michael Rushnak (732) 259-7535
Kim Dunn-Meynell
Sean Smith (908) 310-2483
Steve Belo (908) 419-8772
Justin Goldsman (973) 718-1658
Katherine Joyce (973) 783-9284
Danny Kim (201) 590-7303
Tamar Wilson (856) 345-4084
Jim Devine (774) 338-4630

McCormick says she is pleased to have the endorsement of several Our Revolution chapters and looks forward to building stronger bridges among various factions within the progressive movement.



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