Democrat Lisa McCormick says killers, thieves escape justice

“People are getting away with murder,” says Democrat Lisa McCormick, who is running for governor to stop leaving reported crime unsolved and posted a petition urging public support for effective law enforcement.

“A majority of homicides reported in 2015 were not solved by police, which means that last year, a majority of killers got away with murder,” said McCormick. “For lesser crimes, including violent offenses and robberies, the vast majority of criminals are never brought to justice. Upwards of 75 percent of crimes reported to police in most communities are not solved.”

2015 Uniform Crime Report shows unsolved crime statistics

The problem can be solved, but McCormick claims the existing political establishment is not interested in protecting public safety because it means ruffling feathers among certain special interest groups.

“We need to stop wasting the time of law enforcement officials with nuisance laws, a failing war on drugs and incompetent deployment,” said McCormick. “Removing politics from police work is another critical priority, along with ending the distrust that exists among many citizens and those brave people sworn to serve and protect our society.”

“Unfortunately, there is an incredible lack of courage among the people entrusted with making these decisions and we need to replace a lot of elected officials to make government more responsive to serious needs and widespread public desires,” McCormick said. “People have demonstrated they are willing to ‘throw the bums out’ so I hope to recruit candidates to join my ‘Democrats for Change‘ team on the primary election ballot so there are worthy replacements instead of petulant pretenders like Donald Trump.”

McCormick said she would pursue a massive government restructuring to assure residents that the pursuit of justice will no longer be relegated to such a low priority that killers, rapists and thieves can have a fair degree of certainty that they will never be punished for their crimes.


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