Democrat Lisa McCormick says most murderers escape justice

Americans are being deprived of justice, according to a working class, populist Democrat who says the vast majority of voters have been left behind by political insiders and the establishment.

“People are getting away with murder,” says Democrat Lisa McCormick. “A majority of homicides reported in 2015 were not solved by police, which means that last year, a majority of killers got away with murder.”

Among the steps that can be taken are depoliticizing police and sheriff departments, consolidating administrative controls over law enforcement, holding officers accountable through measures proposed by the ACLU and awakening citizens to the importance of participation in a democracy.

“For lesser crimes, including violent offenses and robberies, the vast majority of criminals are never brought to justice,” McCormick said. “Upwards of 75 percent of crimes reported to police in most communities are not solved.”

“We need to stop wasting the time of law enforcement officials with nuisance laws, a failing war on drugs and incompetent deployment,” McCormick said. “Removing politics from police work is another critical priority, along with ending the distrust that exists among many citizens and those brave people sworn to serve and protect our society.”

“Stop leaving reported crime unsolved by signing my petition at my website,” said McCormick, who said residents can find more at or by following LisaMcCormickNJ on Twitter or Facebook.

McCormick is expected to seek the Democratic nomination for governor, in a grassroots challenge to Wall Street millionaire Philip D. Murphy, politician and attorney John Wisniewski, and Harvard lawyer James Johnson, a Clinton-era Treasury official — who are contenders she calls part of the “top one percent.”

Also running are pharmaceutical sales representative Monica Brinson, firefighter Bill Brennan, defrocked Catholic priest Robert Hoatson and banker Titus Pierce.

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