GOP puts America on a road to economic disaster

Lisa McCormick‏ is warning people to “brace for impact” as Republicans seem intent on hijacking democracy and derailing the economy with dangerous, greedy policies moving through Congress.

“Every Republican president presided over economic calamity: Prepare yourself for the Trump Slump: Tax cuts for the rich, Millions uninsured,” said McCormick‏ in a recent post on Twitter. “Every Republican president presided over economic calamity: Reagan Black Monday; Bush’s jobless recovery; Bush Jr 9-11 & Great Recession.”

McCormick‏ explained that Republicans favor the rich, which includes an increasingly smaller number of people and corporations, and those powerful and wealthy interests do not behave intelligently just because they have more money.

“When you think about economic rationally, you see that ‘a rising tide lifts all boats,’ to use a phrase commonly attributed to John F Kennedy,” said McCormick‏. “Unfortunately, people often do not act responsibly or rationally, but they are instead driven by emotion, in the current case, greed.”

“It also appears that self-interest obscures the realistic understanding of what makes America great. ‘The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much it is whether we provide enough for those who have little,’ according to Franklin D. Roosevelt,” McCormick‏ said. “The current Republican president is driving toward a future that dangerously threatens economic stability in the world by depriving health insurance coverage to millions Americans, accelerating the pace of climate change and advancing the demand for austerity or magnitude of our national debt.”

McCormick‏ said Trump Republicans have dislodged the United States from its position as leader of the free world, recklessly moved to reduce government revenue needed to pay for a strong military, and sacrificed our fundamental wealth by selling off public assets to finance short term infrastructure improvements.

“The Goldman-Sachs infrastructure scheme proposed by the Trump administration means selling off roads you own to some international conglomerate that will start charging you to drive on them,” McCormick‏ said. “It is the same thing Jon Corzine wanted to do with New Jersey toll roads, except the federal interstate highways are free for all to use. It is a poor choice for dealing with public debt and I warn all Americans to brace for impact as the GOP puts our nation on the road to economic disaster.”

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