Reflecting on issues during a summer afternoon


As a mother, I care passionately about our schools, our children and their future. From the age of three to a college degree, Americans should be guaranteed a free public education of the highest quality. We cannot have a free and prosperous nation without a fully educated citizenry, so the learning process must be adjusted to fit the amount of information known to humanity.


We’re sick and tired of the seemingly endless string of corruption scandals that flow from city halls to the White House.  I’m embarrassed to explain to my children every time another elected official or political party leader is arrested for corruption and abusing the public trust to line their own pockets.  It is time to take elections off the auction block and restore integrity to democracy.

Property Taxes

While politicians are more than happy to take our hard earned tax dollars, we are not getting back our fair share from Washington DC. This a bad deal that hurts New Jersey families and hinders their ability to survive. I’ll fight to restore fairness to America’s tax system, starting by making global corporations pay their share for the security and justice they expect from the United States government.

Heroin epidemic

We need to put an end to the drug crisis that is preying upon our children and destroying families. I’ll make sure first responders and emergency personnel have the tools they need to help people in crisis. I will work to insure that health care is a right for every American. I will also strive to reform our approach to drugs so that people who need help can get it without fear of being branded as criminals.

Storm Preparedness

I will never forget the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy. The storm caused devastation for so many of our neighbors, but the unacceptable and burdensome relief process left so many families stranded when they should have felt the comfort of Americans coming together. I will always defend families as they work to rebuild their lives. 

Protecting our water and our environment

Our water supply is critical to our health and to our property values. I’ll fight to make polluters pay so we have the resources to clean up the toxins that threaten the air we breathe, the land we live on and the water we drink. I will also establish tougher laws to prevent corporate criminals from poisoning our families.


I welcome your feedback on these and other issues of concern to our community. Please write to and let me know what you think.

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