Lisa McCormick considering US Senate campaign

This is a statement by Lisa McCormick, addressing questions about why she has launched this website and reached out to thousands of New Jersey residents who are concerned about corruption in politics and the future of democracy.

I may run for US Senate next year, or in 2018. We have a terribly corrupt system and our current senator has been indicted on criminal charges, so we need a change. However, the system is rigged to prevent normal people from getting elected, and I have a lot to consider before subjecting my family to the rigors of a statewide election campaign.

I am organizing Bernie supporters and other progressive voters in New Jersey. I am involved with Our Revolution and Brand New Congress, but we are not waiting for someone else to save New Jersey. This is moving forward now, because we cannot expect anyone to do this for us if we do not take responsibility as citizens.

So far, about 500 people have offered to run for some office in 2017 and we are hoping to fill every slot on the ballot so voters have a real choice. Elections without alternatives are pointless, and many incumbents go unchallenged so they respond to money instead of people. The political establishment does not want people to have a choice, but citizens have an obligation to preserve and defend democracy.

If you are looking for an honest person with potential to be a leader who has the same values you do, check the closest mirror.  We can use you, so even if you never thought about running for anything, this is a time to reconsider. Will you join me and do this for our country?

If you agree that America needs to revitalize democracy so the majority of people have more influence than the few with lots of money, so voters have real choices and so candidates can wage a fair campaign without selling their souls, then please support our cause. Make a contribution of $100 per month or less, and participate in our house party network to help spread the word.


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