Lisa McCormick sweeping plans on climate crisis

Democratic primary write-in candidate Lisa McCormick said she would propose sweeping restrictions on greenhouse gas pollution, in order to aggressively cut New Jersey’s carbon footprint while driving billions of dollars into state coffers to finance clean energy initiatives.

McCormick wants to end gas-powered vehicle sales, force polluters to pay for cleaning up their mess and correct historic environmental injustices.

“I want New Jersey to be the center of 21st century climate action because the leadership we exhibit will influence the world, which must extinguish the crisis before it makes us extinct,” said McCormick. “New Jersey needs new leadership to embrace measures that will combat climate change, including cap and trade, electric vehicles plus real environmental justice.”

“My Climate Commitment Act will require industrial polluters to buy market credits from the state in a cap-and-trade system similar to one operating in California, with funds used to finance cleanup New Jersey’s most contaminated areas,” said McCormick, describing legislation that would pave the way to net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

“I will seek vehicle-fuel restrictions to force producers of carbon-heavy fuels like gasoline and diesel to underwrite charging stations for fleets of electric cars and trucks,” said McCormick, who noted that Gov. Phil Murphy called for a ban on gas-powered car sales by 2035, the same timeframe as Republican Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.

Since automakers like General Motors have set a goal of ending gas-powered passenger vehicle sales by 2035, the Murphy-Massachusetts maneuver really is not a mandate as much a reaction to market forces.

California also plans to ban the sale of new gas-powered passenger cars and trucks in 2035, but McCormick noted that she was driving a hybrid 2002 Prius until she switched to a 2004 Prius last year.

“Four years ago, India announced it would end gas-powered car sales by 2030, and I said America should beat them to it,” said McCormick.

A group of more than 70 U.S. House Democrats led by Representative Doris Matsui urged President Joe Biden to ensure that 60% of new passenger cars and trucks sold are zero-emission by 2030, while 10 U.S. senators led by Democrat Edward Markey urged the White House “to set a date by which new sales of fossil fuel vehicles will end entirely.”

“I will also ask the Legislature to approve a ban on the sale of new gasoline-  and diesel-powered cars in 2030 or afterwards along with legislation that addresses environmental racism,” said McCormick, a move that would put the Garden State ahead of California with a more ambitious policy

Three years ago, McCormick said New Jersey Transit must transition its entire fleet of buses to electric vehicles, because that could significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions & reduce air pollution.

In April, McCormick called on President Biden to offer every American homeowner $10,000 to buy and install an electric heat pump in exchange for half their energy savings each year until the government recovers its investment or unless energy prices go up, in which case homeowners wouldn’t owe anything.

McCormick previously said that if the U.S. transitioned its entire fleet of 480,000 school buses to all-electric vehicles, it could cut 5.3 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year and reduce the toxic air pollution to which schoolchildren are directly exposed.

“Moderation isn’t going to help us survive when we must heal a world on fire. #WriteMeIn for governor on June 8,” said McCormick.

“I believe residents most often on the receiving end of environmental problems — people who are disproportionately Black, Latino, or in low-income communities — deserve state government agencies that explain what is being done to fix those pollution burdens,” said McCormick, who said environmental inaction is a bipartisan problem.

“We all know Republicans entirely oppose all meaningful legislation to address the climate crisis and achieve environmental justice but corporate Democrats are not pursuing the change necessary to sustain life on Earth. Establishment moderates will kill us just as fast as the GOP,” said McCormick. “If you know that the climate crisis is real and the political establishment is putting off life-saving action, take a chance and #WriteMeIn for governor on June 8 in the Democratic primary election.”

After Murphy changed the rules to allow signature collection to occur electronically, McCormick’s nominating petitions for governor were disqualified so her name will not be on the June 8 in the Democratic primary election ballot but the progressive activist is asking voters to write-in her name.

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