McCormick calling for six debates

Lisa McCormick, one of two Democratic primary election candidates for US Senate, has called on the incumbent, Senator Robert Menendez, to agree on a schedule of six debates to give voters a chance to make a fair comparison of the candidates.

“I have proposed substantive policies to address the problems confronting American and I would be willing to defend my ideas, anywhere and any time,” said McCormick. “The US has 800 military bases around the world and a war budget of about a trillion dollars. We do not buy ourselves safety with the murder of people around the globe and it is imperative that we restrain our exporting of death and destruction.

“The smartest people in the world say we are on the threshold of disaster,” said McCormick, noting that: “The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists this year set the Doomsday Clock at two minutes to midnight as a symbol for humanity’s approach toward self destruction.”

“During the 25 years that Sen. Menendez has been in Congress, the quality of life for working Americans has significantly decline,” said McCormick. “I would say there has never been more lost by America’s middle class than the wealth destroyed or distributed to the super wealthy while he was supposed to be protecting the working families and middle class retirees.”

McCormick says extinction level threats and other dramatic problems left her without any option except to compete for the nomination.

“If we fail to address gun violence, issues of war and peace, climate change or extreme poverty on this planet, then we are inviting our own demise,” said McCormick. “Surely these are issues candidates should talk about. I hope my opponent shows voters enough respect to give them that opportunity.”

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