McCormick chides Murphy for inadequate progress

Progressive Democrat Lisa McCormick chided Governor Phil Murphy, after he called attention to his inadequate progress toward ending ‘racial disparities and inherent inequities woven into the statutory fabric of our criminal justice system’ during his three years in office.

“New Jersey has the shameful distinction of having the nation’s greatest racial disparity in incarceration rates, an appalling 12 black to each white prisoner,” said McCormick. “Nothing has been done to fix that because politicians tried to erase mandatory minimums for official misconduct.”

“Lawmakers should implement the recommendations of the Criminal Sentencing & Disposition Commission without giving crooked politicians a ‘get out of jail’ card!,” said McCormick. “Conversely, we would welcome tougher penalties for any betrayal by elected officials.”

McCormick said Murphy has been far more aggressive at getting things done for the rich and powerful than he has when it comes to accomplishing the fundamental promises he made as a candidate.

“We got complex sports betting and online gambling approved in New Jersey only weeks after the federal courts opened a door for that, top government officials like judges and cabinet members were handed pay raises only six months after Murphy’s inauguration, plus a $3 billion subsidy for the nuclear industry preceded Murphy’s recent $14 billion corporate welfare package,” said McCormick. “Meanwhile, the poorest New Jersey workers still do not make $15 an hour, the millionaire’s tax did not raise taxes on those making more than $5 million and despite voter approval, marijuana is still illegal in the Garden State.”

“Governor Phil Murphy bought himself a job that he is woefully incapable of doing, so it is incredibly disheartening to see that nobody is mounting a progressive challenge to his re-election effort,” said McCormick. “I am calling on progressive Democrats to put aside their petty differences to unite in force against the political establishment that has foisted on us incompetence like Phil Murphy, corruption like Bob Menendez and ineffectual showboating politicians like neoliberal Cory Booker.”
“Confronting issues related to justice, our budget, or public health and safety requires values-based leadership and a willingness to put people before politics,” said McCormick. “Principled leadership will get results but the political system in this state is badly infected by corruption.”

“I am calling on voters to rise up to the responsibility of their citizenship,” said McCormick. “New Jersey’s political establishment has been called ‘calcified, cartoonishly corrupt and incompetent’ because it backed fools, frauds and fiends. Now it is clear that if you want to end politics as usual, then you have to stop voting for the usual politicians.”

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