McCormick ends campaign for governor, endorses Senator Ray Lesniak

Lisa McCormick suspended her campaign for governor today and endorsed Senator Ray Lesniak for the Democratic nomination, saying that she will encourage Bernie Sanders supporters to join her in backing this progressive champion and stop Wall Street billionaire Phil Murphy’s ‘hostile takeover of the Democratic Party.’

McCormick released the following statement:

Senator Ray Lesniak has a long list of accomplishments, but perhaps he is best known as sponsor of the nation’s most ground-breaking state environmental legislation, including the first hazardous waste cleanup program — which led to the Superfund — and the Environmental Cleanup Responsibility Act (ECRA).

Lesniak has consistently had the united support of labor unions, the business community and environmentalists because he is capable of bringing together diverse interests.  Lesniak was hailed an a hero by animal rights organizations, he abolished the death penalty, he proposed marriage equality legislation, and he expanded job opportunities to help ex-offenders re-enter society. Senator Ray Lesniak takes on big challenges and I have been saying New Jersey needs big changes.

We may disagree about some issues, like corporate tax incentives, but it is important to note that Senator Lesniak is in the process of correcting any deficiencies in the Economic Opportunity Act, a law he wrote. 

Senator Ray Lesniak is a champion on big issues, from fighting to overturn Christie’s Exxon Settlement in the NJ Appellate Division and for sports betting in New Jersey before the United States Supreme Court, creating the most progressive environmental protection laws in the nation, criminal and social justice reform, and promoting economic development and education reform. 

I know Senator Lesniak will make electoral reform a major part of his administration, so elections don’t go to the highest bidder, but to the most qualified with the best record. I am confident he is our best hope for bold progressive change to clean up corruption and take away Goldman Sachs’ control of politics in New Jersey.

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