McCormick objects to Passaic mayoral salary increase

Passaic Mayor Hector Lora and Lisa McCormick

Democrat Lisa McCormick is urging Passaic Mayor Hector C. Lora to veto any salary increase approved by the City Council, saying he new the score when he sought the post in the city’s nonpartisan election in May.

McCormick says she enjoyed an exchange of comments with Lora through Facebook and believes the issue has broad ramifications.

“The proposed pay hike insults residents paying a tax hike to cover the $2 million in budget due increases to higher municipal salaries, but there is also a principle at stake,” said McCormick, who pointed out that she has addressed the issue on her website.

No ‘pre-election’ pay hike
No elected official should be entitled to a change in salary unless an election has transpired after the compensation has been set for the job.

“You knew what the job paid when you asked voters to elect you,” said McCormick. “Voters want a corruption-free administration, and there in no greater nobility in robbing the public in plan sight then there is in sneaking around collecting bribes from developers.”

“Former Mayor Alex Blanco pleaded guilty in federal court last November to stealing $110,000 of federal HUD funds through bribes from two developers,” said McCormick. “This pay hike would deprive taxpayers of $170,820 over the next four years.”

The City Council is weighing a 60 percent pay raise that would take effect one day before Lora is to be sworn in to his first full term July 2. The governing body introduced an ordinance this week increasing the mayor’s salary from $72,295 a year to $115,000.

Lora was appointed as acting mayor in November, filling the vacancy left by previous Mayor Alex Blanco’s resignation, and he easily defeated his main rival, Richard “Richie” Diaz, a former school board president and public safety director, 5,716 to 1,753 votes.

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