McCormick on Hugin, Menendez, & the Iran Deal

The following is a statement from Lisa McCormick, one of two Democratic primary election candidates for US Senate:
Senator Robert Menendez’s so-called flip flop on the Iran Deal, is infinitely better than the entirely wrong position on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, that Bob Hugin and Donald Trump have staked out for themselves.
The whole point is to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. President Barack Obama worked out a treaty with five other nations that accomplishes this act.
While Israel is America’s strongest ally, the current government there has a horrible record on the human rights of Palestinians and it seems eager for war with Iran. We could not be good friends is we lie to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and we are fooling ourselves by opening a tinder box on top of a powder keg by relocating the US embassy.  Israel was also wrong to fear the Iran Deal.  Americans learned long ago that fear, itself, is a dangerous thing.
Humanity must not act out of fear, or panic, or revenge.
So far, 50 protesters have died from excessive force in Gaza. We have a buffoon in the White House. We have warmongers in Congress. We have principles of peace and standing by them requires real strength, but lashing out with force and trading harsh rhetoric is not the path to justice or calm. It is barbaric insanity that appeals to the lowest reptilian part of the human brain.  America’s response to the 2001 terrorist attacks has led us into the longest and perhaps most futile war in our history. It led us to distraction and chaos in Iraq, which unleashed further violence and mayhem.
Bob Hugin would be smart to stay away from condemning flip flops. Trump promised over and over again that he would bring back American jobs that have been outsourced to China. Instead of working to bring back outsourced jobs, he is now pledging to create jobs in China for ZTE, a massive Chinese phone company,

President Donald Trump’s administration is confounded by the horrific slaughter of demonstrators protesting at the Gaza Strip, part of the  occupied by Israel since the 1967 war. the Gaza deaths were predictable & preventable.

These tough guys ought to step aside and let sane people govern before they get us all killed. That is why I am running for US Senate, despite the long odds and vast disrespect heaped upon me every time the media ignores my campaign or critics make personal comments.
As it says at the top of my Twitter feed, “With all due humility, I am committed to saving our species from itself. Join me because I cannot do that alone.”
Bob Menendez and Bob Hugin continue to offer a path to death and destruction. Mainstream media offers an incredible amount of distraction.

The US should not be supporting Saudi bombing in Yemen.  The US should not be inciting war with Iran. The US should not be allowing Russia to dictate our foreign and domestic policy. The US should not be allowing the Pentagon to spend $716 billion, up from $250 billion in 2001. The US should not be spending a trillion dollars on new nuclear weapons.

All I have is a plan for peace, progress and prosperity but I remain confident that hundreds of thousands of voters in New Jersey remain alert and sane. I am counting on them to share my desire for human survival because either of the corporate-owned war advocates named ‘Bob’ would probably get us deeper in trouble.

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