McCormick: President Trump’s budget proposal would bury the U.S. in debt

New Jersey Democrat Lisa McCormick says President Trump’s budget proposal would bury the U.S. in debt, he makes no effort to fulfill the pledge to generate $1 trillion for restoring America’s sagging infrastructure and by trading defense spending for deep cuts in domestic programs, it immediately endangers the quality of life for most Americans.

Trump’s first budget as president would increase the debt by more than $3 trillion—but only through unrealistic assumptions about economic growth and double-counting of tax revenue. In reality, economists believe economic growth is not going to improve just because we cut taxes on the rich. It has not worked the last four times and it will not work now.

Trump would lower spending in Health and Human Services ($15.1 billion), State Department ($10.1 billion), and Education ($9.0 billion), not to mention the foolhardy one-third decline in EPA spending.  Those ‘savings’ are going to mean more disease and suffering, more war and strife and less educated and trained citizens contributing to our national prosperity because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

There is no transparency and accountability in this administration but there is clearly a lack of respect and understanding about what our government does, because cutting spending does not always save money and spending more does not always get better results but spending more than you have always puts you in a hole.

Complexity is lost on this administration, which means voters have got to get smarter.


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