Net neutrality is an enormous victory

New Jersey Democrat Lisa McCormick released statement praising the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit’s Tuesday, June 14, 2016 opinion upholding the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rule preserving net neutrality.

“The court decision upholding net neutrality is an enormous victory for consumers, small businesses and the innovators that will drive our modern economy far into the future,” said Lisa McCormick. “Net neutrality has been part of the architecture of the Internet since the very beginning. As we have seen for the past several decades, an open Internet is a tremendous engine for innovation, economic growth and global communication.”

“That growth has happened only because of net neutrality,” said McCormick. “The FCC’s decision last year to adopt new net neutrality protections was the culmination of years of hard work by lots of Americans who believe, just as I do, that the Internet should remain the free and open platform that it’s always been.”

“It is critical to our democracy and our economy that it continue to operate this way,” said McCormick. “When it comes to the exchange of ideas on the information highway, American justice dictates that we cannot allow anyone to buy their way into a fast line that derails millions or billions of other voices.”

“I will keep working to make sure everyone understands what’s at stake, why we need to stand by the strong rules adopted by the FCC, and work to ensure all content is treated equally,” said McCormick.

Lisa McCormick is among the publishing industry’s most vocal advocates of net neutrality, which she has called ‘the free speech issue of our time.’

“Net neutrality means that the Internet belongs to the people, not greedy corporations that have severely damaged the economy for working people and undermined our democracy,” McCormick said.

McCormick is a free speech advocate who has also endorsed the return of the Fairness Doctrine and Equal Time Rule for news outlets that broadcast over public airways and cable systems.

She is a mother and small business owner who is working to expand her recognition among voters so that she may seek elected office after her son graduates from high school next year.

In 2010, McCormick earned about 47 percent of the vote as a primary election candidate for Union County Clerk.

She invites potential supporters to examine her website at or like her page at

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