McCormick slams President Donald Trump’s retreat from the trade war

The following is a statement from Lisa McCormick, one of two Democratic primary election candidates for US Senate:

President Donald Trump has once again staked out a set of policies that leave American consumers and businesses, as well as our international allies, in a worse position than we were in when he started his loud, angry and misinformed griping, blustering and chest thumping.

There are some very dear prices to pay for President Donald Trump’s retreat from the trade war he almost started without reduce America’s massive deficit in goods exchanged with China, which reached a record $376 billion last year.

China and the United States issued a joint statement Saturday saying the world’s two biggest economies agreed not to engage in a trade war, a victory for Chinese President Xi Jinping, who made Trump his bitch after he initiated the crisis

Trump screwed up the Iran Deal, pulled out of the Paris Accords on climate change, shook the confidence of our NATO allies, begged for a summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for which he is already making concessions when the United States agreed to downsize a military exercise with South Korea and Japan in addition to retreating from his tough talk on trade with China.

Clearly, the ignorant and egotistical president’s ‘shoot first ask stupid questions later’ approach to foreign policy is hurting America’s interests. Instead of ‘America First’ the end result of this administration would be better described as ‘America Alone’ because that’s where we are heading.

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