Mitigating climate change would create new economic possibilities

A deluge falls from the core of a thunderstorm near Glasgow, Montana, in July 2010. 

Critics of policies that would mitigate climate change often predict a negative economic impact from efforts to forestall devastating rises in sea level, stronger storms, extreme weather, altered flooding and drought conditions.  Rains that are compared to biblical events, heat waves that don’t end, tornadoes that strike in savage swarms — there’s been a change in the weather lately and it is not good for the economy.

I believe enact effective climate change policy would strengthen fragile domestic and global economies and create new possibilities for improved commerce from the development of practical renewable energy.

Solar Roadways® is a system of specially engineered solar panels developed with a goal to modernize the infrastructure with modular, intelligent panels, while producing clean renewable energy for both homes and businesses. Tesla Motors and its home power battery affiliate are breaking new ground with applications to integrate with solar energy collection to harness the abundant power of the sun.

Other potential uses are in development and likely to generate a revolution in appliance markets, we people swap out old machines for new ones optimized for solar compatibility.

Most importantly, since something like the processes changing our climate is probably what converted Venus from a flourishing environment capable of sustaining life to a hellish nightmare of sulfuric acid rain and broiling temperatures, we must work to avoid that fate for earth. It is our destiny as a species to survive and this pale blue planet is the only place in the universe we know that can support our lives.


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