Urge President Biden to keep his promises on climate, economic & racial justice

In recent weeks, President Joe Biden has taken some bold actions to protect our environment and climate, like rejoining the Paris Agreement and stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline but there is much more to do.

We aren’t just facing one crisis: Global pandemic, mass unemployment, systemic racism, climate crisis — they are all connected.

President Biden must ensure that women as well as Indigenous, Black, Brown, and working-class communities are put first as the administration continues to push for the Build Back Better Initiative.

That is why I am joining Climate Justice Alliance, Sierra Club and many others with Build Back Fossil Free to demand President Biden deliver jobs, justice, and opportunity for all. 


This moment is a result of all the years that our movement has been growing and building power, reflected by turnout in the 2018 and 2020 elections that put Democrats in control of Congress and the White House for the first time in a decade.

Amidst a confluence of devastating crises — the pandemic, racial injustice, economic devastation, and of course climate change — we have a historic opportunity to set our country on a different course in the next few months.

But it will take all of us working together to make our voices heard and demand change by pushing the THRIVE Agenda.

The THRIVE Agenda will transform our economy, putting people to work in climate and care jobs while advancing racial and social justice.

This bold new vision is intended to revive our economy while addressing interlocking crises of climate change, racial injustice, public health, and economic inequity with a plan to create dignified jobs for millions of unemployed workers and support a better life for the millions more who remain vulnerable in this pivotal moment.

A few weeks ago, thousands of us joined together to hear from leaders on the plan to advocate for this agenda. Watch the livestream below:

During the call Tom Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network, Margaret Kwateng of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, and Varshini Prakash of the Sunrise Movement highlighted the opportunity we share in this moment—and how we must mobilize all our people to seize it.

Key takeaways from the call are that many legislators, particularly those who represent New Jersey, will not move without hearing from communities that they must support the Thrive Agenda and create investment that will transform, heal, and renew by investing in a vibrant economy that doesn’t leave anyone behind.

As a progressive activist, I will be happy to discuss these policies with you to plan ways to push our senators and representatives to take the bold action needed in this moment.


Join me in holding the Biden administration accountable to our country’s needs in his first 100 days.

McCormick chides Murphy for inadequate progress

Progressive Democrat Lisa McCormick chided Governor Phil Murphy, after he called attention to his inadequate progress toward ending ‘racial disparities and inherent inequities woven into the statutory fabric of our criminal justice system’ during his three years in office.

“New Jersey has the shameful distinction of having the nation’s greatest racial disparity in incarceration rates, an appalling 12 black to each white prisoner,” said McCormick. “Nothing has been done to fix that because politicians tried to erase mandatory minimums for official misconduct.”

“Lawmakers should implement the recommendations of the Criminal Sentencing & Disposition Commission without giving crooked politicians a ‘get out of jail’ card!,” said McCormick. “Conversely, we would welcome tougher penalties for any betrayal by elected officials.”

McCormick said Murphy has been far more aggressive at getting things done for the rich and powerful than he has when it comes to accomplishing the fundamental promises he made as a candidate.

“We got complex sports betting and online gambling approved in New Jersey only weeks after the federal courts opened a door for that, top government officials like judges and cabinet members were handed pay raises only six months after Murphy’s inauguration, plus a $3 billion subsidy for the nuclear industry preceded Murphy’s recent $14 billion corporate welfare package,” said McCormick. “Meanwhile, the poorest New Jersey workers still do not make $15 an hour, the millionaire’s tax did not raise taxes on those making more than $5 million and despite voter approval, marijuana is still illegal in the Garden State.”

“Governor Phil Murphy bought himself a job that he is woefully incapable of doing, so it is incredibly disheartening to see that nobody is mounting a progressive challenge to his re-election effort,” said McCormick. “I am calling on progressive Democrats to put aside their petty differences to unite in force against the political establishment that has foisted on us incompetence like Phil Murphy, corruption like Bob Menendez and ineffectual showboating politicians like neoliberal Cory Booker.”
“Confronting issues related to justice, our budget, or public health and safety requires values-based leadership and a willingness to put people before politics,” said McCormick. “Principled leadership will get results but the political system in this state is badly infected by corruption.”

“I am calling on voters to rise up to the responsibility of their citizenship,” said McCormick. “New Jersey’s political establishment has been called ‘calcified, cartoonishly corrupt and incompetent’ because it backed fools, frauds and fiends. Now it is clear that if you want to end politics as usual, then you have to stop voting for the usual politicians.”

McCormick challenges Republican to unite the country by “holding traitors accountable”

New Jersey Democrat Lisa McCormick told Republican US Senator Mike Braun that it’s not up to Democrats to unite the country by abandoning the impeachment process. Instead, McCormick said, “Republican senators should unite the country by holding traitors accountable for an attempted coup d’état that shocked the world.”

In an exchange on Twitter, McCormick replied to Braun, who falsely stated, “the Framers of the Constitution never intended for the Senate to hold a trial to remove a former President…” 

“You’re lying!,” McCormick replied. “The Constitution clearly says impeachment is intended to remove someone from a job or prohibit one from ever holding office again.”

“There’s precedent for continuing after the guilty person left office but cowards don’t want to admit that Trump is guilty,” said McCormick.

Secretary of War William Worth Belknap delivered his resignation to President Ulysses S. Grant, on March 2, 1876, the same day he was impeached by a unanimous vote of the House of Representatives and he was tried by the Senate starting on April 5, 1876. Although Belknap was acquitted because the Senate voted 35 to 25 to convict and 40 votes needed for conviction, his trial did show the Senate has jurisdiction even after an individual leaves office.

McCormick also countered Braun’s assertion that, “President Joe Biden and Senate Democrats would be wise to unite the country by working with Republicans to safely reopen our economy and defeat the virus, instead of dividing us through this impeachment trial.”

The New Jersey Democrat said “Republican senators should unite the country by holding traitors accountable for an attempted coup d’état that shocked the world.”

“Betraying your country, especially by attempting to overthrow the government or the victorious candidate elected by the people, is treason. Donald Trump is guilty of treason,” said McCormick.

“Donald Trump is guilty of treason because he angered Americans by lying about the election result,” said McCormick. “He invited to Washington on Jan 6, an angry mob comprised of those deluded Americans. He incited that angry mob to storm the Capitol & they almost killed Mike Pence.”

“Mike Braun knows all this but he is afraid to confront Q-anon/Trump supporters in his state because he lacks the courage to defend the truth,” said McCormick. “Donald Trump is guilty of treason and real Americans want Congress to defend the Constitution & hold him accountable.”

McCormick champions voting rights

Lisa McCormick, a progressive Democrat and voting rights advocate, has applauded Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), who recently introduced legislation to give millions of Americans the option to vote from home.

“On Nov. 7, 2000, Oregon became the nation’s first all vote-by-mail state,” said McCormick. “I am thrilled that two federal lawmakers from that state are sharing the successful experience of two decades with the rest of our nation.”

McCormick sad the Vote At Home Act seeks to expand vote by mail access, provide voters with pre-paid ballot envelopes to return their mail ballots and enact automatic voter registration.

“Our democracy is stronger when every American can vote, without standing in ridiculous lines or having to take time off work or school to exercise their Constitutional rights,” Wyden said. “Oregonians know that voting at home is a time-tested, secure and accessible way to vote. It’s high time the rest of the country had the chance to vote the way we do.”

“The individual right to vote, the cornerstone of our democracy, is under threat in communities across America. Last year we saw a widespread expansion of vote-at-home access as a safe and secure way to participate during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Blumenauer said. “We should continue to make voting easier, not harder. This important bill would strengthen and clarify the right to vote at home, the most secure and convenient way for voters to exercise the franchise.”

Specifically, the Vote at Home Act would:

  • Create National No-Excuse Vote By Mail: All registered voters would receive ballots in the mail weeks before Election Day and would be able to cast a ballot via mail or a drop-off site. Voters that want to vote in person would still be able to do so in lieu of voting by mail.
  • Fund the USPS: The U.S. Postal Service would be allocated appropriate funding to cover all costs related to sending and returning mail ballots in federal elections.
  • Enact Automatic Voter Registration: Any citizen who provides identifying information to a state motor vehicle authority would be automatically registered to vote. Voters would have 21 days to “opt out” if they do not wish to remain registered.

“By expanding the opportunity to vote, our democracy can be stronger and more secure,” said McCormick, who noted that questionable voting machines are still in use throughout New Jersey and foreign adversaries are engaging in cyberspace attacks on voting systems.

“Congress should adopt a new Voting Rights Act, to replace the law overturned by the US Supreme Court and it should include provisions that are in the Vote at Home Act proposed by Senator Ron Wyden and Representative Earl Blumenauer,” McCormick said.

McCormick: expel nutcase from Congress

New Jersey progressive champion Lisa McCormick has endorsed a California Congressman’s proposed resolution to expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) from the U.S. House of Representatives.

Congressman Jimmy Gomez (CA-34) introduced a resolution to expel Greene from Congress “in light of numerous reports revealing her repeated endorsements of sedition, domestic terrorism, and political violence.”

“As if it weren’t enough to amplify conspiracy theories that the September 11attacks were an inside job and the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was staged, a string of recent media reports has now confirmed that Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene had previously supported social media posts calling for political violence against the Speaker of the House, members of Congress, and former President Barack Obama,” said Gomez.

On January 26, 2021, a CNN KFile review by Em Steck and Andrew Kaczynski uncovered social media activity and posts by Greene calling for violence against Democrats in elected office.

In one Facebook post from 2018, Greene replied to a supporter who asked how they can “hang” former President Barack Obama, saying the “stage” was being “set” and that it would need to be done “perfectly.”

Greene also liked a comment from 2019 that a “bullet to the head would be quicker” than an election for removing Speaker Nancy Pelosi from office, and messages about executing FBI agents working for the “deep state.”

In September of 2020, Congresswoman Greene posted a meme of her with a gun pointed towards progressive members of Congress.

And in June of 2020, Politico unearthed past clips of Greene espousing racist, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic attitudes, saying in one video that Muslims should be barred from serving in government.

“Such advocacy for extremism and sedition not only demands her immediate expulsion from Congress, but it also merits strong and clear condemnation from all of her Republican colleagues, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell,” said Gomez. “Her very presence in office represents a direct threat against the elected officials and staff who serve our government, and it is with their safety in mind, as well as the security of institutions and public servants across our country, that I call on my House colleagues to support my resolution to immediately remove Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from this legislative body.”

McCormick is also urging Congress to adopt Rep. Cori Bush’s resolution directing the Committee on Ethics to investigate and report whether members of Congress should face sanction, including removal from the House of Representatives, for attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election, because that act violated their oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

“The whole world witnessed an attempted coup d’état that included a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol building, which resulted in six deaths,” said McCormick. “The members of Congress who incited, supported or collaborated with those terrorists should be expelled because they are traitors to our democratic republic.”

“The people who claimed the election results are illegitimate are the same ones who refused to consider measures to improve ballot integrity and voters rights,” said McCormick. “There is no factual basis for denying President Joe Biden’s overwhelming victory and to smear our system of democracy is an urgent threat to the Constitution, making those liars both seditionists and traitors.”

McCormick has made several comments about the politician, who she’s dubbed a ‘crackpot congresswoman’ from Georgia.

Lisa McCormick supports Biden’s American Rescue Plan

New Jersey’s leading progressive Democrat, Lisa McCormick, joined other prominent leaders making public statements urging Congress to support President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

Among those who share McCormick’s enthusiasm for President Biden’s American Rescue Plan are Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR), former Director of the National Economic Council Gene Sperling, small business owner and co-chair of Small Business for America’s Future Shaundell Newsome, Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06), and senior advisor to Invest in America Action Zac Petkanas.

McCormick said President Joe Biden has proposed a $1.9 trillion package of policies to address the health care, economic and societal harms caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Biden plan includes new leave requirements on employers, a $15 federal minimum wage and an additional $1,400 in direct assistance to individuals among other relief to workers and families; additional funding for COVID-19 vaccination, testing and prevention; additional aid to small businesses and local, state and tribal governments; and measures to address recent cybersecurity attacks against the U.S. government by modernizing and securing federal information and technology,” said Lisa McCormick, who earned a dazzling four out of ten Democratic primary votes in her 2018 race for US Senate and has been vigorously fighting for the working class.

Although the plan includes certain executive actions, the vast majority of proposals are dependent on Congress enacting legislation. President Biden has indicated his preference to enact the package through regular order, requiring bipartisan support in the U.S. Senate. However, Democrats in Congress are laying plans to pass the package through budget reconciliation should bipartisan negotiations break down.

“President Biden’s rescue plan is a bold initial step toward fixing a problem that Republicans have allowed to get out of control,” said Lisa McCormick. “It costs much more to do nothing than to do something. Republican lawmakers must recognize the need for speeding vaccinations, but just as they caused incredible economic harm when they gambling with the fiscal cliff during the Obama administration, they have shown a willingness to endanger America in order to delay results that would benefit Democrats politically or achieve their own policy objectives. That is an irresponsible betrayal of the public trust. President Biden has welcomed bipartisan support but he is strong enough to push forward without the Republicans if that becomes necessary to save American lives.”

“Last year was the worst year for the American economy since World War II. That alone ought to send a powerful message to Senators who are getting ready to debate COVID legislation and caution them against going small,” said Sen. Ron Wyden, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee. “I was a junior member of the Finance Committee during the Great Recession — we were told that if you went small, there would be more bites at the apple. The fact is, in 2009, the Congress didn’t pass another economic relief package. Senators can’t let our first economic package under the Biden administration take the small ball route.”

“This is an economic situation where the risks of doing too little vastly outweigh the risks of doing too much,” said Gene Sperling former director of the National Economic Council under President Clinton and President Obama. “If you’re going to object to this package you’re going to have to go through each provision that meets an economic and humanitarian need and say why you think we should do less. Let’s remember that the programs in the Biden plan are not only pro-dignity and pro-humanitarian, they are pro-growth.”

“President Biden’s rescue plan would be a lifeline for small businesses like mine, who are facing peril and are tired of feeling like they are last on the priority list,” said Shaundell Newsome, a small business owner from Nevada, Chairman of the Board of the National Urban Chamber of Las Vegas and a co-chair of Small Business for America’s Future. “Small business owners create two out of three new jobs in this country. Every dollar you invest in small businesses is an investment in jobs, workers, and the community.”

“President Biden outlined a bold, comprehensive plan to address the worsening COVID-19 pandemic and help bring an end to this dark winter and economic crisis, said Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06), who is chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. “The blueprint President Biden laid out will build on the bipartisan down payment made by Congress last month. It provides additional resources and assistance, including for lifesaving vaccine distribution, increasing our testing capacity, and hiring the local public health workforce necessary to help with contact tracing and vaccine outreach. These investments will protect the health of the American people and help us crush this virus so we can rebuild our economy.”

“The American Rescue Plan as laid out by President Joe Biden is a key piece of the strategy to get us out of this crisis,” said Zac Petkanas, senior advisor to Invest in America Action. “If you are interested in unity, there is a whole lot of unity behind significant relief toward COVID relief like the Biden plan.”

Gene Sperling joined more than 120 other economists who signed a letter urging Congress to immediately pass a new COVID relief package as sweeping as President Biden’s plan. Signers of the letter included Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz and Alan Blinder, former Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve under President Clinton. The economists join a chorus of experts calling for additional stimulus, including many conservative economists and GOP elected officials.

President Biden’s robust plan provides for another round of direct stimulus checks, an expansion of unemployment insurance, and much-needed relief to state and local governments, renters and homeowners, and small businesses, among other key provisions.

McCormick said expert research shows that these robust measures are needed to rescue and grow the American economy:

  • Expanding unemployment insurance now would support more than 5 million jobs, and boost the GDP by 3.7%, according to the Economic Policy Institute.
  • Every dollar spent on unemployment insurance generates a $1.64 increase in GDP.
  • Every dollar invested in state and local aid generates $1.36 in GDP growth.
  • Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell credited the stimulus checks and additional unemployment insurance passed in 2020 with a rebound in household spending.
  • Recent polling from GQR demonstrates the strong support from voters across the political spectrum for urgent and expansive public investment. More than half of voters said that the previous stimulus packages weren’t enough, and 77% say the government should pass another.

Lisa McCormick has worked to secure public campaign financing, universal health insurance, better free public education and expanded Social Security benefits all funded through progressive & responsible fair tax measures.

McCormick believes climate change should be addressed as soon as practicable through a mandatory national program, which must be fair and competitive to advance innovation in an efficient and economical manner. 

McCormick has said systemic corruption prevents progress on all these issues because the rich have been consumed by greed and used their wealth to rig the economic and political systems against the other 99 percent of Americans.

Congresswoman faulted for $40 million abstinence vote

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman voted to spend $40 million on abstinence-only indoctrination, an ultra-conservative substitute for sex education

Lisa McCormick, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for Congress, says Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman should have abstained from funding abstinence in the Coronavirus stimulus package

On March 27, 2020, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman voted for a $40 million appropriation to fund an abstinence education program, and her opponent in the upcoming Democratic primary election is letting people know it’s an affront to women, civil rights and truth.

“What makes this especially absurd is that public schools are mostly closed, with no end in sight,” said Lisa McCormick, the progressive Democrat challenging Watson Coleman in the primary election. “That is a waste of resources when our hospitals and brave medical personnel are without adequate personal protection equipment, adequate supply of ventilators and adequate number of coronavirus tests.”

McCormick calls it a “boondoggle” that panders to Trump’s evangelical base.

“Abstinence-only means anti-science and anti-reality,” said McCormick. “These programs don’t educate children, they attempt to keep them ignorant, which puts them at risk.”

“Ironically, the ‘ab-only’ crusaders help to cause the abortions they denounce because without comprehensive sex education and access to contraceptives, young people are vulnerable to unwanted pregnancies.”

“Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman and President Donald Trump need to stop appeasing the Religious Right and instead ensure that only fact-based education programs are being funded by tax dollars,” said McCormick.

“It is past time young people receive the accurate, inclusive, and empowering sex education and related care that they deserve,” said McCormick. “It is unfortunate that Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman does not have the courage to support such ideals and make it happen, instead of caving in to right-wing extremists who insist on wasting money lying to America’s children.”

Acknowledging that ultra-conservative forces have been chipping away at freedom by stacking the courts and relentlessly pushing bad laws and programs, McCormick said she will work in Congress to ensure safe, legal, and accessible abortion and reproductive care to promote health and justice for women.

“I am appalled that abstinence was funded as part of the coronavirus corporate welfare scheme known as the CARES Act,” said McCormick. “I am appalled that abstinence was funded at all, since the federal government should only provide evidence-based, comprehensive and age appropriate sex education for all young adults in America.”

As an example,she cited the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act, which was introduced in 2011, by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA), who proposed to improve sex education by ensuring that all youth in the U.S. have medically accurate information to make informed, responsible and health decisions about sexual health.

Bonnie Watson Coleman has not bothered to co-sponsor that legislation, but McCormick said she will push to honor the unfinished legacy of New Jersey’s late Senator and enact the measure if she is elected.

Lisa McCormick argues with Bonnie Watson Coleman about jobs, wages & benefits

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman got into a word scuffle with Lisa McCormick on Twitter today over the federal minimum wage law and congressional inaction on measures to provide job security, paid sick time and other benefits.

The incumbent invited McCormick’s response after the politician posted complaints about Amazon’s decision to end hourly wage increases and double overtime pay for warehouse workers after May 31.

McCormick is challenging Watson Coleman for Congress in New Jersey’s 12th District in the Democratic primary election, which runs from Trenton, through Princeton, to Plainfield and Old Bridge.

The incumbent described a decision to end temporary bonuses for workers as “Atrocious greed” but the challenger called her to account for inaction by Congress, which has the power to set tax and minimum wage laws, as well as legislation requiring employers to provide sick time.

“Jeff Bezos is expected to become the 1st trillionaire as he consolidates the retail market during coronavirus,” tweeted Watson Coleman. “Now Amazon is telling its workers (who have faced significant risk) that it’ll be ending their hazard pay at the end of MAY!”

“@JeffBezos did not pass tax laws, minimum wage legislation or requiring employers to provide sick time,” replied McCormick, who added: “That’s Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman’s job.”

“@Amazon should do better for workers but government has power to compel business, so why complain about your own inaction?,” McCormick asked in her reply tweet.

“Entry level positions at Amazon pay $8 per hour over the federal minimum wage, so while it is understandable that workers are demanding more from the company, it is arrogance and hypocrisy for a member of Congress with power to do something about it level accusations like someone on the sidelines,” said McCormick, explaining her remarks to the complaining Congresswoman.

Although she wants Amazon employees and all U.S. workers to get a better deal, McCormick said, “There are some things that make Amazon an American success story. Jeff Bezos started the company in Washington State in 1994, operating out of the garage of his house. In 2011, Amazon had a full-time staff of 30,000 in the United States, and by the end of 2016, it had 180,000 employees.”

“Criticism from Senator Bernie Sanders and others prompted Amazon to raise its minimum wage for all U.S. and U.K. employees to $15 an hour beginning November 1, 2018,” said McCormick. “The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour and it has not been increased since July 24, 2009, even though Bonnie Watson Coleman got elected to Congress in 2014.”

“Bonnie Watson Coleman has not increased our federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour and she has not created any jobs that pay $15 an hour, so I would like to know where she gets the nerve to accuse anyone of “Atrocious greed” while she collects a $174,000 paycheck and allows President Donald Trump to control a $6 trillion slush fund at taxpayer expense.”

“Meanwhile, my federal income tax bill was $137 million larger than that of Amazon, because the technology giant paid zero and got a big refund despite its billions of profit,” said McCormick. “That is not Jeff Bezos’ fault because Bonnie Watson Coleman is the one writing tax laws in Congress.”

Amazon actually got a federal tax refund of $129 million last year, despite the fact that the company made $11.2 billion in profit.

“If you paid the $119 annual fee to become an Amazon Prime member, you paid more to Amazon than it paid in taxes,: said Senator Bernie Sanders in a Feb 14, 2019 tweet. “Our job: Repeal all of the Trump tax breaks for the top 1% and large corporations and demand that they pay their fair share in taxes. “

McCormick supported Sanders in the 2016 and 2020 presidential nominating contests, while Watson Coleman was in line with the state’s political bosses backing Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, respectively.

Congress gave Trump a $6 trillion slush fund

Democrat Lisa McCormick said she is more worthy of the Democratic nomination for Congress because her opponent, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman, gave Republican President Donald Trump a $6 trillion slush fund that will benefit his re-election more than it will help the country recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

The CARES Act is 880 pages of outrage and corruption, that gave Republican President Donald Trump a $6 trillion slush fund without adequate oversight or guidance to prevent abuses,” said Lisa McCormick. “Instead of stabilizing the economy, it enriches the rich and insults the 99 percent of Americans who follow the rules.”

During the the federal government’s so-called small-business rescue program, states that supported Donald Trump got enough money to cover a majority of eligible payrolls. It was a different picture in blue states like New Jersey, New York and California, which got a significantly smaller share of payroll support from the loans. 

The cost of living in New Jersey is 22.2% more expensive than Georgia, but the states have comparable GDP ($645 billion vs. $616 billion) and population (9 million vs. 10.5 million). The 33,519 loans approved in New Jersey cover only 45.3 percent of payrolls while the 48,332 loans approved in Georgia cover 58.5 percent of payrolls.  New Jersey voted Democratic while Georgia helped put Trump in the White House.

“New Jersey reported 3,840 COVID deaths as of April 17, compared to the 650 victims on that date in Georgia, so the Garden State has a much greater need for financial assistance but Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman failed to make ‘need’ a condition for Trump’s $6 trillion slush fund,” said Democratic challenger Lisa McCormick, the progressive champion who stunned political observers in 2018 by capturing 38 percent of the primary election votes cast for U.S. Senate.

Thousands of small business owners across the U.S. have been left in the lurch as the federal government-backed loan program meant to save them and protect worker paychecks in the pandemic fallout officially ran out of money Thursday morning. 

The $350 billion Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was supposed to cover eight weeks of a business’ payroll expenses, so fewer workers would be unemployed, and the loans are forgivable provided that 75% of the total amount borrowed is used for payroll expenses. Borrowers were to be able to use the money to cover payroll and benefit costs, as well as overhead such as rent, mortgages, utilities, and interest on debt. 

The Small Business Administration said Thursday it was unable to accept new applications for the Paycheck Protection Program because the entire appropriation was spent less than three weeks into the program, which was plagued by reports about websites crashing or mom & pop shops and minority businesses shut out by big banks loaning to favored customers.

“The Paycheck Protection Program is one of the most deceptive parts of the CARES Act, but the program might as well have been administered by the Trump campaign organition instead of the Small Business Administration,” said Lisa McCormick, who produced a chart illustrating the unfairness of loan allocations, which clearly favored states that voted for Trump in the 2016 election. “The CARES Act is a $6 trillion slush fund that will benefit Republican President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and it was approved almost unanimously by Democrats in Congress, even though it won’t help many people in Princeton or Plainfield.”

“States that got loans covering more than 65 percent of payroll costs gave Trump 124 electoral college votes and they awarded to Democrats only 20 electoral college votes,” said Lisa McCormick. “This is a clear case of President Donald Trump using taxpayer money to reward political supporters and punish Democrats but it was Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman and others in Congress who gave the Republican President a $6 trillion slush fund that will benefit his re-election campaign.”

“We need to outlaw bribery in all its forms, but the Congress should have know better than to entrust money in the hands of President Donald Trump,” said Lisa McCormick. “Just as they did when President George Bush rammed through TARP bailouts for Wall Street, Congress let 99 percent of Americans get steamrolled so the rich could collect free government money. This typifies the incompetence and cowardice that I am prepared to fight against.” 

“When people needed help, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman gave Republican President Donald Trump a $6 trillion slush fund and she abandoned her responsibility to protect New Jersey taxpayers,” said Lisa McCormick. “The federal response to coronavirus has been a disaster on top of a disaster, because the people we elected are just not doing their jobs. American voters must take responsibility by firing Bonnie Watson Coleman and Donald Trump.”

Progressive champion Lisa McCormick is challenging incumbent Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman for the Democratic nomination for Congress in New Jersey’s 12th District, which includes parts of Mercer, Somerset, Middlesex and Union counties. McCormick earned 159,998 votes – or 38 percent — in the 2018 Democratic primary election for U.S. Senate.

McCormick marks decade since Deepwater Horizon

Since Monday, April 20th, will mark 10 years since the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, New Jersey Democrat Lisa McCormick participated in a conference call with a retired engineer who worked on the Deepwater Horizon for 5 years, Retired Army Lt. General Russel Honore’, two members of Congress and other leading environmental advocates.

The BP Deepwater Horizon disaster was the largest marine oil spill in U.S. history, lasting almost three months before the gushing well was finally capped.

“There are 15 rigs placed in deeper water today than the BP Deepwater Horizon was in ten years ago and there have been thousands of leaks, spills and ruptures on American pipelines, some killing people and many causing billions of dollars in damages,” said McCormick. “On land or sea, fossil fuels are dangerous and burning them is killing our planet.”

“Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time,” said McCormick. “The debate is over: Climate change is real, it’s caused by human activity and is already causing devastating damage to the entire planet.”

On the call with McCormick were:

  • Rep. Alan Lowenthal, who is currently serving California’s 47th district and is a member of the House of Natural Resources Committee
  • Rep. Darren Soto, who is currently serving Florida’s 9th district and is a member of the House of Natural Resources Committee
  • Leo Linder, retired rig worker on the Deepwater Horizon
  • Sam Sankar, Earthjustice Senior VP of Litigation and former deputy chief council of the Obama administration’s BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill commission
  • Cyn Sarthou, Executive Director at Healthy Gulf
  • Louis Skrmetta, Owner of Ship Island Excursions out of Gulfport, Mississippi
  • Lt. General Russel Honore’, Retired Army lieutenant general and Director of the Green Army

Linder recently pointed out that the Trump administration’s new proposed rules would save oil companies $1.3 billion by putting offshore oil rigs, and the people who work on them, at greater risk.

Lowenthal and Soto each lamented the fact the Senate Republicans have refused to take up legislation approved by the House of Representatives. Sarthou and Skrmetta recounted personal examples about the devastating impact on businesses and the communities that the spill had.

“We need to rejuvenate our voice as we come up on the commemoration of this great disaster,” said Honore’, who added: “They let BP off the hook… the fine was miniscule and it was written off as a tax deduction, so the America people are actually paying for it.”

McCormick said that now, 10 years later, she hopes the discussion with members of Congress, community representatives, offshore experts, an engineer who worked on the Deepwater Horizon, and a small business owner will stimulate discussion about the fallout of the tragedy.

“If we do not reflect on the mistakes that led to the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, we will not be able to prevent another disaster like this from happening again,” said McCormick. “In simple terms, we must stop corporations from racing to to make a profit without thinking about the human cost or the price extracted from the environment.”

Lisa McCormick has endorsed the Earth Charter and she is proud to have taken the No Fossil Fuel Money pledge.