Lisa McCormick says abortion is a human right

New Jersey Democrat Lisa McCormick says access to birth control and the right to choose abortion to end unwanted pregnancies are human rights that go the the heart of women’s equality.

“It is critical that people understand the stakes involved with questions that are fundamental to the values American cherish because sometimes uninformed, emotional arguments can sway people who lack important information or fail to employ critical thinking to assess issues,” said McCormick. “The vast majority of Americans agree that women are capable of making superior choices for themselves than the government and far better than any one-size-fits-all law or regulation.”

“There is nothing immoral about birth control, abortion, or sex among consenting adults, despite the primitive beliefs held by some people,” said McCormick. “Americans strongly agree that no group should be allowed to impose its religious views on others using our secular government.”

“Women who were once dependent on men if they wanted to have socially sanctioned families without abortion or birth control have had constitutional protection of reproductive freedom since 1972, and now they are free,” McCormick said.

“American women who had been economically, socially and sexually dependent on men can now be earners who fully participate in public and political life,” McCormick said. “They can be sexually liberated by having families without being married or engaging in life without the burdensome risk of an unwanted pregnancy.”

McCormick said equality is a strange notion because it has been suppressed in society and she faulted politicians who have failed to assertively defend women’s rights because this weak leadership left women inadequate opportunities.

Human institutions, laws and culture have always favored men at the expense of women, who have historically put up with a lot of stuff that they never should have tolerated.

Less than 100 years ago women did not have the right to vote! Many of the real gains that women have fought for in political, economic and social equality have been under constant attack

Two-thirds of people who earn the minimum wage are women and female employees still only make 75% of what men make for doing the same work, a figure that’s even worse among those in management.

The system is rigged against women even more than it cheats poor and minority and disenfranchised males, but we are making progress and we have fought too hard to go back to being virtually enslaved in a society that judges us unfairly and seeks to deny us any advantage that can result in happiness or success.