Stop offshore oil & gas drilling

The Trump administration is opening the door to radically expand offshore oil and gas drilling in our most sensitive coastal waters, putting at risk of a spill about 90 percent of the outer continental shelf along with irreplaceable wildlife and coastal communities.

Trump would expose the Arctic waters — our last undeveloped ocean —to drilling, put the Atlantic coast on the chopping block for the first time since 1983, open the Pacific coast — which has not seen federal drilling for decades, and further threaten the debilitated Gulf of Mexico.

The Trump administration’s proposed offshore leasing proposal could ultimately expose coastal communities to unacceptable harm. Oil spills from offshore operations could irreversibly harm thriving coastal economies, public health, and marine life across vast swaths of publicly owned federal waters. In the long run, auctioning off these areas to the fossil fuel industry for oil and gas drilling will also make it extremely challenging, if not impossible, to correct course on climate change.

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