Security projects don’t make us safe

A prominent anti-establishment activist says, “Senator Robert Menendez should explain why America is wasting billions on homeland security projects that don’t make us safer.”

Lisa McCormick, who is recruiting candidates to challenge party insiders throughout the state under the Democrats for Change banner in next year’s primary election, says a report shows billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted since the terrorist attacks 15 years ago.

In a post on social media, McCormick said, “Senator Robert Menendez should explain why America is wasting billions on homeland security projects that don’t make us safer.”

A report that ProPublica and The Atlantic published jointly makes a powerful case that America’s approach to homeland security made for good politics but lousy policy.

The story says after 9/11, “hardly anyone in either political party blamed the Bush Administration for failing to defend the homeland” and suggests that such a lack of accountability has extended into a long list of budgetary boondoggles disguised as imaginary protection.

In addition to giving politicians a free pass for failing to protect citizens, the public ignored the fact that “for every valid effort, it seems like the terrorism-industrial complex came up with an array of boondoggles that were profitable for the companies involved but added little to the security of ordinary Americans.”

“Americans have been robbed during a state of panic and fear, and leading the way was Senator Robert Menendez, who took such special care to help his campaign contributors that he is now under federal indictment,” said McCormick. “I want to know why he did not show more concern about the money we spent and the results we got.”

“While voters fear terrorism, in fact very few American lives are lost to violence from foreign sources,” said McCormick.

“With nearly 3,000 people killed in the World Trade Center fell and the Pentagon, there was a feeling that America was vulnerable,” said McCormick. “The truth is, we face greater threats from drunk driving, street crime or drug overdoses than foreign terror. This is less the land of the free because our citizens have not been very brave, and out leaders brought us here.”

“Fear-mongering over terrorism was a short cut to stealing our money, padding their own payoffs and transferring wealth to the richest one percent of the population,” said McCormick. “It’s a classic case of misdirection used by people no better than thieves.”

McCormick said very little accountability has been required, even in the midst of wars, economic catastrophe, and ongoing efforts to frighten citizens into allowing more wasteful spending and violence.

“Looking at the glaring problems, it is incredible that nobody is demanding more responsible use of tax dollars,” said McCormick. “Two of the 9/11 hijackers were on an expanded travel security watch list that never got distributed to the airlines because the FBI and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had not decided which agency’s letterhead to use.”

“On September 10, 2001, President George W. Bush’s Attorney General, John Ashcroft, rejected an FBI request to increase anti-terrorism personnel for the coming fiscal year,” said McCormick. “Since then, the FBI budget has nearly tripled since 2001, and its mission has been expanded to stopping terrorists before they strike.”

“Also on the day before the attacks, FBI officials told Congress that domestic animal-rights activists presented the most dangerous terrorism threat,” said McCormick.

“Perhaps worst of all, the CIA knew months earlier that two suspects who ended up on the 9/11 planes had arrived in the U.S. but the agency never informed the FBI,” said McCormick. “Being penny-wise and pound foolish was a problem long before 9/11.”

“In the 1970s, hundreds of federal air marshals were deployed undercover on American planes to thwart hijackings,” said McCormick. “By 2001, the number of marshals had been reduced to 33, a negligible number covering more than 20,000 flights every day from America’s 440 airports.”


America is wasting billions on homeland security projects that don’t make us safer. 

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