Senator Al Franken should not resign

New Jersey Democrat Lisa McCormick released the following statement on Thursday, December 7, 2017:



Senator Al Franken should stay while Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other senators that called on him to quit, in the wake of misconduct allegations, are the ones who should resign.

This is not a case of Senator Franken giving the wrong answers, but it is a matter of the media and political establishment asking the wrong questions.

I would be almost as ashamed of my party if we sink to the level of repugnant Republican behavior as I will be if we cower in the face of accusations that make a false equivalency of outrageous conduct and unsaintly social mistakes.

I believe the women but we must put matters in perspective and truly advance justice for all.

  • No woman accused Senator Franken of committing anything close to a crime.
  • When the incidents occurred, none of the women who accused Senator Franken were children or his subordinates.
  • No taxpayer money was allegedly used to secretly settle any accuser’s claim against Senator Franken.

Maybe we should be less disgusted by Roy Moore’s alleged but unproven molestation of children or President Donald Trump’s self-professed pussy grabbing.

That does not mean we should permit the election of Moore, who was twice removed from office for unconstitutional actions and a holds host of unAmerican policy views that would deprive human beings of their rights based on their sexual status, religious faith, ethnicity or geographic origin.

That does not mean we should lack the courage to consider impeachment proceedings before Donald Trump initiates a nuclear war, spends another year failing to hire people to do the jobs that remain unfilled in this administration or pockets another million dollars from foreign powers in violation of the emoluments clause.

That does not mean we should continue to ignore the crime of rape or allow victimized women to suffer further abuse when they have the courage to come forward, but if Democrats want to start hanging innocent people, then we are surrendering to mob rule instead of standing up for truth, justice and the American Way.

If Senator Franken did all the things of which he is accused, he would still have broken no law and violated no oath of office and done nothing that would really amount to being any of our business. He has called for an ethics inquiry and that process should move forward.

Senator Franken should not resign because we need champions for justice who have the courage to carry on a fight under difficult circumstances. I would be happy to work alongside Senator Franken to make the Democratic Party better than it is, so we can elect more candidates worthy of the American people.

Senator Franken’s decision to resign would be less praiseworthy than him courageously carrying on our fight.  When Democrats decide that we can only support those whose records are perfect, then we are sure to lose.  

I won’t promise to be perfect, but if you elect me I promise to defend your rights and fight for justice. That’s the deal Americans have with their elected officials.

 There is distinct difference between felonies and misdemeanors. Adults can distinguish serious crimes from naughty behavior.

Sometimes people should mind their own business and keep the government out of our private affairs. Instead we fail brave women who come forward and that’s wrong.

Justice must be unflinching and equal for all.

We need leaders with courage who will judge themselves harsher than the people by holding themselves to a higher standard, not cowering from confrontation.

No senator asked Robert Menendez to give up his right to a fair trial when he clearly did favors for a campaign contributor. The only reason Menendez may not be guilty of bribery is because the laws are not written well enough to clearly define the crime.

Robert Menendez should be fired because we, the people, deserve lawmakers smart enough to write laws that cannot be eluded by rich defendants with a slick lawyer.

At the same time, Menendez must stay and fight until a Democrat can defeat him in the June primary, because voters have a responsibility too.

Cathy Young, a columnist with Newsday, wrote that Senator Al Franken will be a casualty of the ‘Weinstein’ effect and a victim of sexual McCarthyism, in a brilliantly written essay published by the New York Daily News.

She said there is no moral equivalency between “Franken’s alleged loutishness” and “Moore’s alleged molestation of underage girls.”

Dana Nessel, a candidate for attorney general in Michigan, suggested we should elect more women as a way to stop sexual misconduct. I strongly agree with her.

If political power was held by women in proportion to their numbers in the population, there would be more elected officials sensitive to rape, economic inequality and other matters that have a greater impact on females.

Allegations of this kind have come from journalists, people in Hollywood, and in government because 80 percent of our political representatives are not women.

We need more women but I would prefer that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand would resign instead of Al Franken, because I want to be represented by someone who frowns on bad behavior and won’t do it, but I need courageous advocates who will fight for the issues we care about.

I believe we can have it all. We can have good character and strong courage. We can have human decency and progressive values.

We can have a sense of humor and the humility to let the people judge us for our policy instead of our personality.

I don’t care if a president uses crude language, but we should not have elected one who lacks the temperament to avoid a war when someone insults him.

Senator Al Franken should stay and fight for us. Senator Bob Menendez should stay and fight for us. Voters should deal with them in due course.

Next week, voters in Alabama should certainly not elect a child molester.

I agree with Republicans Mitt Romney and Jeff Flake that voters in Alabama should not elect someone who has violated the Constitution and promises to do so again.

The American voters have chosen this President, and both parties in Congress have an obligation to hold him accountable.

Republicans must put the interests of the American people ahead of their party while the Democratic establishment must have the moral courage to stand up against bullies.

I urge everyone to sign my petition calling on Congress to limit the President’s authority to order a nuclear launch at, moving on to a matter of genuine interest.



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  1. December 10, 2017 Maxine Hansen

    I agree.


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