Very little justice for crime victims in New Jersey

The overall number of murders reported to police fell during 2017 but a majority of killers escaped justice during that period, according to New Jersey State Police crime statistics.

Democrat Lisa McCormick wants citizens to know that authorities typically fail to solve most crimes that get reported to police.

McCormick says statistics from the State Police Uniform Crime Reports cast a gloomy outlook for any resident seeking justice.

Of 294 murders reported to police last year, only 142 have been solved, according to the State Police Uniform Crime Report (available online at:

“Only 31,549 crimes were cleared with an arrest out of the total 155,450 offenses reported to law enforcement,” said McCormick. “That means 80 percent of all crimes are unsolved, including more than half (52%) of the reported murders.”

“The vast majority of crimes reported to police were not solved in New Jersey, representing another aspect of our fundamentally dysfunctional government,” said McCormick. “Only about half of the murders reported in this state are cleared with an arrest, and the people responsible for 80 percent of all reported crimes escaped justice.”

McCormick said she is recruiting women to seek elected office in the Democratic primary election because voters need candidates who are not part of an establishment that ignores problems confronting ordinary people.

“Political insiders like Robert Menendez have had decades to address this problem but it only gets worse,” McCormick said. “With 80 percent of elected offices occupied by men, many issues that disproportionately concern women — who are more frequently crime victims — get ignored.”

“We need to stop wasting time on the ineffective ‘war against drugs’ so we can redeploy police where they can do the most good,” said McCormick. “We cannot accept or ignore the fundamental injustice of unsolved crime. We spend billions of dollars on law enforcement but grieving families and innocent victims are not getting the justice that will help restore their shattered lives.”

“When we remember crime victims, we should demand that police and politicians do a better job to insure justice because nobody is going to be safe tomorrow if those who endangered us yesterday and last year escape,” said McCormick.

McCormick said this is not a new problem, since only a little more than half the homicides were solved last year and it is getting worse, as almost 60 percent of murder cases were cracked in 2014.

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