Let’s confront the establishment with a people-powered campaign challenging corruption & greed!

Voters deserve election choices where at least one of the candidates is an honest, progressive Democrat. That is why I am asking people like you to run for elected office on the Democrats for Change line or assist others who come forward.
Our plan is simple:
Build a team strong enough to win the fight against injustice & for progress
2 Recruit candidates to run for every office on the primary ballot in 2017 & 2018
3 Wage a personal campaign, with volunteers talking to voters in person, by phone or through social media instead of expensive negative TV ads.
4 Raise big money in small donation amounts from lots of people instead of compromising our values for campaign cash
5 Tell the truth, convince people, win elections, & govern better
A grassroots campaign worked for Bernie Sanders in more than 20 states, where he won without relying on large donations from billionaires. 
An army of volunteers working for progressive candidates will give voters a choice. Winning a Democratic primary often guarantees election, but with far fewer votes.  We have everything we need to do this, so I am counting on you to step up as acandidate, volunteerdonor (or all three).