Was ‘For Sale’ Fulop’s other donor too toxic to reveal?

Democrat Lisa McCormick is asking Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop to explain whether he returned $400,000 to a secretive non-profit organization that gave his super PAC the money because the financial backers behind the group are too toxic to reveal.

McCormick sponsored a petition demanding that Fulop disclose the identity of another super PAC donor who gave him $1 million disguised as a gift from a shell corporation formed in Delaware.

That money turned out to come from a hospital profiteer whose charges tend to be greater than any other health provider in the country.

“If you admit to taking campaign cash from someone whose business plan is ‘your money or your life’ then what kind of corrupt contributor would you need to keep hidden by returning $400,000?,” asked Lisa McCormick, a Democratic activist who is urging residents to run against crooked politicians like Fulop.

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