Write in my name on June 8

I have been seeking some other progressive Democrat to take on this challenge for a long time, but I filed petitions because I could not find anyone willing to take on the task. Unfortunately, my name will not be on the ballot but that won’t distract me from speaking out.

Governor Murphy has betrayed his promises, he hired a rapist and fired women who complained about his misogyny. He approved $3 billion in nuclear subsidies and $15 billion in corporate welfare. His $15 minimum wage law allows employers to pay workers $4.13 an hour. He signed a law to legalize marijuana that provides up to 20 years in prison for possession of marijuana.

Marc Helewa, a student at Bergen County Technical Schools, was charged today by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office with one count of possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, a 2nd degree crime.

I believe “Quixotic is not crazy” because there are solutions to the problems we face in America. We know what these solutions entail. They will not be implemented by a political establishment that runs entirely on bribery, so ordinary people must rise up to the responsibility of citizenship.

While Governor Murphy may use the invalidation of my petition to make me look bad, anyone who can see reality knows the entire political system look much worse. Governor Murphy showed no interest or respect in me when he endorsed the US Senator who had been indicted for bribery during the Obama administration, back when I ran in 2018. Governor Murphy shows no interest or respect in you, either.

Without expert testimony, without providing me a chance to look at the allegations, and without my ability to participate in the hearing due to other issues in my life, a decision was made to deny voters a choice on the ballot in the Democratic primary, which in New Jersey is the only consequential election due to an overwhelming partisan advantage in registration.

I am surprised that they are so afraid of someone who won’t raise money and only is armed only with the truth, but the people still have a chance to write in my name on June 8.

If I am entrusted with the Democratic nomination, I will win and pursue big, giant changes instead of tinkering with the fringes of a broken and unjust political system.

I will sign legislation to outlaw bribery in the form of political campaign contributions and make the ballot fair to all candidates, instead of preserving the culture of corruption that exists today and gave us such leaders as Phil Murphy, Chris Christie and Jon Corzine.

I will seek to reform our education system, which is among the most segregated in America and structured to waste billions of dollars. My plan would cut property taxes in half and shift costs from the working middle class to the rich.

I will make sure that police stop wasting public resources, answer for misconduct and solve more crimes. In 2017, state and local governments in American spent $115 billion on police, $79 billion on corrections, and $48 billion on courts, or close to ten percent of state and local direct general expenditures. Experts have described police violence as a serious public health issue. The vast majority of crimes reported to police in New Jersey go unsolved.

I will also invite ordinary people with little means to engage in using the government as a powerful force for good. We can reduce bureaucracy and make your public servants more useful while improving the quality of life, so more of us can afford to pay attention and get involved in civic affairs.

We have big problems and we need bold progressive leadership to solve them, but as long as voters accept 30 second commercials and three-word slogans instead of exercising serious citizenship, we are going to be stuck in this mess.

With all due humility, I am committed to saving our species from itself, but I cannot do that alone.

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