You have power to change the world

Do not ever imagine that you are helpless to influence the events taking place around you. This is a democracy, so it is your duty to make the world a better place.

There is no need to feel sorry if things are your fault because accepting the blame only means you have the power to take responsibility. Working together, we have the power to make a difference. We can change the world.

That is why I am calling on you, and thousands of other citizens just like me and you, to run against political insiders in the next several primary elections.  Primaries are the most consequential elections because there are usually fewer voters, and they often decide who is going to win because many jurisdictions are tilted in favor of Democrats or Republicans, so winning the nomination of the dominant party is tantamount to victory.

One thing you need to know about New Jersey is that the primary ballot is intentionally rigged to give an unfair advantage to political insiders. Consequently, Democrats for Change is forming a line that will allow a slate of challengers to enjoy a similar advantage.

Stronger Together: We can do more as a team than any one of us can do alone!

We hope to field a complete ticket so any progressive Democrat in the state should join us.  In 2010, I got 47% of the vote for county clerk because we ran 25 candidates in several cities throughout Union County.

Some members of our team won, including the current Mayor of Linden and council members in several cities. We contested the regular political organization in six towns & for five county offices.

Our candidate for sheriff came 1,365 votes away from toppling the most popular Democratic incumbent in the area! Replicating that experience on a statewide level is merely a question of finding enough people who are tired of politics as usual to complete a progressive team that gives voters a real choice.

I know this works, because we did it!

Whether you want to run or not, you have a duty to serve your community and fix such problems as corruption and corporate control over our economy.  This is necessary. From the deadly consequences of climate change to the incredible dangers posed by Donald Trump Republicans who are betraying American values as well as engaging in a treasonous cover-up of potential crimes that have vital implications for national security and the role of the United States in the world, versus that of Russia.

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines or trust the Democratic political establishment that was so ineffectual, Donald Trump & the Republicans rode right over them and into the White House with majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives! This is a time for unity! This is a time for action!

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